L. Villarroel, 2000 años, estudiante de derecho, Chile. Arte, música, personas, lugares, drogas, alcohol y cine. // L. Villarroel (not mexican), 2000 years old, law student, Chile. Art, music, people, places, drugs, alcohol and movies.

hay locuras que son la locura. personales locuras de dos 


New Zealand-based artist Jamie Harkins is a musician and a painter, but when he’s not in his Mount Maunganui studio doing either of those things, he’s often down at the beach creating awesome works of anamorphic art in the sand. To create such large pieces Harkins collaborates with other artists such as Lucia Lupf, David Rendu and Constanza Nightingale.

In an interview with The New Zealand Herald, Harkins explains:

“We’ve seen other people doing stuff on beaches, but it’s always been geometric, flat shapes, like a pattern, so we thought we’d get into the whole 3D thing. And I kind of like the fact that it disappears at the end of the day when the tide comes in. It makes it impermanent.”

Although each piece disappears as the tide rolls in, before that inevitability they make for fantastic photo ops.

Visit Jamie Harkins’ Facebook page to check out more of his extraordinary ephemeral sand art.

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Fother Muckers - Rondizzoni

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No me digas lo que sientes, por que nada es para siempre


Black Sails Characters - Colours

Yellow: Intellect, Idealism, Betrayal, Deceit
Orange: Energy, Enthusiasm, Expansive, Flamboyant
Red: Passion, Strength, Power, Aggression, Danger
Blue: Calm, Loyal, Order, Truth

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